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Safe Hotel

Safe Hotel

Update of restrictions on hotels as of 27/11

  • The restaurant at the Hotel Barczyzna is open from 12:00 to 21:00. Take-away or room service only

  • Breakfasts are served only in the room

  • Ban on weddings and other family celebrations

  • Ban on public gatherings (meetings, trainings, conferences)


Guests keep an appropriate distance while checking-in.

The reception desk, telephones, payment terminals and other common surfaces are regularly disinfected.

Disinfectant is available at the reception.

Persons who have not checked in are banned from staying in the Hotel.

Guests are informed about the binding regulations while they check-in, they can also read them on tablets provided in each room

We disinfect all common surfaces at least once an hour

We follow the regulations of clean surfaces, for this reason the number of products directly available to guests is limited to a minimum, the products are delivered on request.


Room service staff works in masks and disposable gloves.

Upon request, room service staff works when the guests are absent in the room.

All surfaces, door handles, minibar, welcome set, telephone, remote control and other items used by guests are disinfected while cleaning.


Dispensers with disinfectant are available and guests are asked to disinfect their hands before entering the restaurant

There is a safe distance between the tables

Tables, chairs and tableware are each time disinfected before another guest uses them

Buffets and all surfaces are regularly disinfected and the tableware and cutlery are scalded

Dispensers with disinfectant are available in the staff room, employees are required to regularly wash and disinfect their hands and workstations

The number of people is limited to maximum 1 person per 4 square meters




  • Guests keep a safe distance while staying at the Spa reception

    The reception desk, telephones, payment terminals and other common surfaces are regularly disinfected.

    Dispensers with disinfectant are available, and guests are asked to disinfect their hands before entering the Wellness & Spa zone and other recreational zones,

    All surfaces, worktops, cosmetics, equipment and rooms where treatments are provided  are regularly disinfected,

    The employees of the Wellness & Spa zone have to wear masks and disposable gloves,

    Rrecreational equipment such as fitness devices, deckchairs, bicycles and other are disinfected each time after a Guest uses them,

    There is a safe distance between stands providing beauty treatments, between devices and deckchairs,

    Guests of the Barczyzna Medical SPA Hotel are informed about the introduced rules.








W miejscach ogólnodostępnych, w tym w recepcji, przed restauracją i przed windami dostępne są dozowniki z płynem dezynfekującym

Wszystkie powierzchnie ogólnodostępne są regularnie dezynfekowane przez dedykowanego pracownika

Stosowana jest zasada tzw. czystych blatów – do minimum ograniczana jest liczba produktów dostępnych bezpośrednio dla Gości i wydawane są one na życzenie

Ze szczególną dokładnością dezynfekowane są windy oraz toalety

Przejazdy windą są ograniczone do jednego gościa na kabinę



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