Solar Meadow

Solar Meadow

Solar Meadow

Solar energy is the source of life!

If you miss a sunbath on a cloudy day, you would like to relax, improve the condition and the tone of your skin - this is an ideal place for you!
The solar meadow is equipped with two lamps. One of the lamps emits light which is similar to the natural sunlight..

Dose of vitamin D3

A 20-minute session provides the body with the required dose of vitamin D3, which delays the aging process a and improves the condition of the skin, lifts your mood, and accelerates fat burning.

The other lamp offers collagen light therapy which is a beautifying and rejuvenating treatment.It involves illuminating the body with gentle waves of red light. It removes wrinkles, cellulite and stretch marks. It makes your skin firm and elastic, giving it shine and freshness. It restores and strengthens the collagen structure for young and beautiful look.


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